To meet your expectations, we decided to expand our offer with bulks of almost all Diet-Food products.

You need 10, 15 or 25 kilos? That’s great!

You can also order products in a Private Label option.

For the full offer and prices, I invite you to contact with us:

Superfood Single:

Super Chlorella

Super Spirulina

Super Barley Grass

Super Barley Grass Juice

Super Fiber

Super Flax Seeds

Super Cacao

Super Chia Seeds

Super Guarana

Super Hemp Hulled

Super Maca

Super Wheat Grass

Super Alfalfa

Super Mesquite

Super Kale

Super Nettle

Super Beetroot


Superfood Mix:

Super Day Mix

Super Detox

Super Morning

Super Light

Super Sport

Super Slim


Superfood Bio+:

Flax Seeds + Cacao (10%) + Lucuma (5%)

Flax Seeds + Apple (10%) + Sunflower Seeds (5%)


Super Fruit:


Acai Berries



Camu Camu Berries




Super Grain:

Quinoa White

Quinoa Tricolor

Chia Seeds

Hemp Hulled



Super Erythritol

Super Xylitol



Organic Whey Protein

Organic Whey Protein + Green Mix

Organic Whey Protein + Bio Cacao

Organic Vege Protein Mix

Organic Pea Protein

Organic Rice Protein

Organic Hemp Protein

Organic Sunflower Protein

Organic Pumpkin Protein


Coconut products:

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Mousse

Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic Coconut Drink

Organic Coconut Flour


Oils, butter and sauces:

Organic Coconut Oil Unrefined

Organic Coconut Mousse

Organic Coconut Oil Refined

Ghee Butter

Coco Ghee

Bio Argan Oil

Bio Coco Balsamic Oil

Bio Coconut Vinegar

Bio Coconut Oil MCT

Bio Coconut Syrup

Bio Apple Vinegar 10%


Bio Cookies:

Raw Cookies Black Currant

Raw Raspberry Cookies

Raw Cookies Apple Rhubarb

Coco Cookies Apple

Coco Cookies Strawberry

Coco Cookies Black Currant

Flax Crackers Herbs and Seeds

Flax Crackers Tomato and Pepper

Flax Crackers Onions and Marjoram

Keto Cookies Cacao

Keto Cookies Cinnamon

Cookie Bars Protein

Cookie Bars Oat

Bio nut creams:

Bio Peanut Cream

Bio Natural Almond Cream

Bio Tahini Sesame Paste

Bio Cream of Hazelnuts

Bio Sunflower Seeds Cream

Bio Pumpkin Seeds

Bio Cream of Walnuts

Bio Cashew Cream

Bio Cocoa Nut Cream

Bio Matcha Cashew Cream

Bio Nutty Cream with Millet


Granola & Muesli:

Fruit Granola

Cocoa Granola

Nuts Granola

Green Granola

Oat Granola

Keto Granola

Granola with Nut Cream

Muesli with Chia Seeds

Cocoa Muesli

Muesli with Superfoods


Bio Oatmeal & Flax Pudding:

Bio Oatmeal Protein

Bio Oatmeal Matcha

Bio Oatmeal Chai

Bio Flax Pudding Rose Hip

Bio Flax Pudding Banana


Coconut Jerky:

Bio Coconut Jerky Spicy

Bio Coconut Jerky Cocoa


Fruity Paper:

Fruity Paper Strawberry

Fruity Paper Currant

Fruity Paper Apple + Raspberry

Fruity Paper Apple + Cinnamon

Fruit Paper Apple + Rhubarb

Fruit Paper Apple + Apricot + Rhubarb


Bio Latte:

Bio Latte Matcha

Bio Latte Cocoa

Bio Latte Matcha Chai

Bio Latte Turmeric

Bio Latte Chai Cocoa


Sack of Snacks:

Coconut Chips

Coconut Chips Toasted

Goji Berries

Cacao Nibs

Golden Berries

Choco Coco Seeds

Cinnamon Seeds

Spicy Seeds

Organic Hazelnuts

Organic Raisins

Organic Almonds Blanched

Organic Almonds Natural

Organic Dates Fresh

Organic Dates Pitted

Dried Organic Apricots


Tea and brew:

Super Matcha

Super Yerba Mate Instant

Super Yerba Mate Leaves

Super Mint Tea

Super Mint & Apple Tea

Super Rooibos Tea


Vital Herbs:

Super Ashwagandha

Super Neem Leaves

Super Amla Berries

Super Moringa

Super Turmeric

Super Brahmi

Super Haritaki


Diet-Food Supplements:

Bio Mac Root

Bio Ashwagandha

Bio Barley Grass

Bio Wheat Grass

Bio Baobab

Bio Acerola Complex

Bio Moringa

Bio Chlorella

Bio Spirulina

Bio Chlorella + Spirulina

Bio Chlorella + Spirulina + Barley Grass Juice

Bio Spirulina + Cordyceps

Bio Spirulina + Ginseng

Calcium + Vitamin D3

Garlic Oil

Calcium + Zinc + Iron



Melatonin + Vitamin B6

Coenzyme Q10

Blueberry + Lutein

Vitamin E


Calcium + Magnesium



Collagen Pure

Collagen Premium Marine

Collagen + MSM